Casino slot machine applications are everywhere in today's market. Just search for casino in the app store or google play and you will have a thousand apps promising the world to you. We were curious to see what these apps were all about and if they actually could make you money.

From what we found these applications should be used for one or two purposes.

The first is for fun. There is a reason that people play slot machines more than poker or craps. They give an immediate low risk dopamine hit. If you enjoy this activity, you can play slots on your phone as much as you want without the risk of losing your house making horrible choices in Vegas.

The second is because you are going to be visiting Las Vegas in the distant future. We have found that these applications are amazing at one thing: Getting you free and discounted things in Las Vegas. If you know you have 6-8 months before you are going to Visit and you dedicate some time to playing these games, you can save 60-75% off your entire trip, from hotel stays to helicopter tours, these games will pay off.

If you don't enjoy playing slots and are not visiting Vegas, then you still have games of skill to play if you want to gamble on your phone.

We have played all of these games and have found these to be the top ten Las Vegas Slot Machine Apps

Top Ten Las Vegas Slot Machine Apps

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